Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Teaglach: A Family Spiral...

This poem investigates the spiral of life, from death, through the gate of rebirth to life. The connection between dark and bright, the spirit manifested within the body. Within the structure of the poem I have attempted to reconcile the old theological doctrine of dualism and extend it, to incorporate the validity and connection between the transcendant and the corporeal. There within is the notion of our life on a constant spiral, ever connected from ancient time to infinite possibility.........

Teaghlach (Family Spiral)

Spiritual swirling world, disintegrating strands of life
Forgetting memories, whirls of sense, vibrant
Wandering down-ward, wind-washed descending
Maze of voices, concentric, slipping
Dividing sound of rains, splitting
Surfing, swimming, dripping round
On a serpentine path
An invisible
Warm – delicious
Lake of nourishment
Gentle, palm-voices forming
Finger-prints etched, building in
Bone, muscle, sinew, flesh, ovular
Creating, envisaging, formula – bond
Perception, apprehension, desire into
Force; heart – pumping, wrenching, sucking contraction
Surge – gushing, bursting, screaming, swirling spiritual

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