Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An bhuil me sa ghairdin? (Am I in the garden?)

A Question of Illumination:

Go mbeid gra is sonas i ndan duit (May love and happiness be your destiny) .........

Many people ask me of the nature of enlightenment, what some call 'Buddha-Hood' and in my own humble way I present them with this short tale of one in ancient times past:
Enlightenment is like the very old man whose sole desire in life was to be like the Buddha, and to this end he spent his days and hours in the temple, praying, chanting, meditating with vigor and enthusiasm in the pursuit of transendence. As he was lighting some incense toward the end of one day there was a huge explosion of amazing light, and he himself was enveloped in a beautiful warm glow which filled him with an intense feeling of absolute bliss. He knew instantly that his moment had arrived, and he ran out of the temple onto the path homeward to tell his wife and son of his amazing experience and joy. He passed under a tall tree by the path, and in the uppermost branches was a small monkey with a large rock, and when it saw the man it threw the rock down... and the rock struck the man directly on the temple, killing him dead!

Such is the mysterious beauty of enlightenment.

Ta me sa ghairdin (I am in the garden).

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wolfein46-14 said...

Oui moi aussi j'aime BOUDDHA,
mais mes illusions se envolées!
Trop de souffrances et on perd la FOI......Blessed Be.